About Me

Hello my name is Waleska Galindo and I live in the beautiful Guatemala City... 
That is in Central America.... 

My creative background started since I was very little, I remember loving the smell of a new color pencil box, and enjoying painting and drawing things, I also remember my mom always making something beautiful and crafty for our home and later for her small business....
When I finally could express myself as a Designer and Artist was when I studied Graphic Design.... I love every part of it..... I was where I belong.

Ten years ago I met my loving husband, we got married and had our first child.... and to tell you the truth it was hard at the beginning being a mom and a wife, soon after I was expecting my second child and I had to set aside all my artistic knowledge to raise my new family.  I remember looking for something to do artistically and  I asked my husband for a Sizzix Machine, it was really expensive for our budget, but I do not how my husband found a way and gave it to me for my birthday.... after that I asked him for a Silhouette and I found a great deal in one blog so he bought it for me too..... I started making cards like 5 years ago.... but fell in love with stamping after watching a Jennifer Mcguire video.... since then I have not stop making cards.....  and that is all.... this is my life and card making journey.

Love and Hugs


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